Program Fee and Travel Arrangements

Program fee

The Program fee for a student to attend the National Youth Science Forum in 2018 is $3,097. This covers all travel, accommodation and meals while attending the Program.

To ensure equity of access, all students pay the same Program fee, irrespective of where they come from. For example, a student travelling from Broome or Darwin pays the same fee as a student from Sydney or Wagga Wagga. This ensures that no student is disadvantaged by their domicile location and the associated travelling costs to attend the Program.

The real cost per student for participation in the NYSF is much higher. This cost is subsidised by contributions from NYSF’s corporate, research and university partners, allowing us to keep the fee as low as possible.


A Rotary club is not obliged to financially assist a student it endorses to attend the NYSF. However, many clubs are able to make a contribution toward the Program fee. Students and their families should discuss this with their endorsing Rotary club during the selection process so that all parties understand what is expected should a student be selected to attend the Program.

Students can seek assistance from Rotary clubs, their school and the wider community to run fundraising events to fund their attendance at the NYSF should they be selected. Trivia nights, barbecues and raffles are all useful in contributing to fundraising efforts.

Travel to the NYSF

The Program fee covers the cost of travel from the nearest capital city or major airport in Australia. All students travel to the program under standard arrangements detailed below. In our experience, students want to travel together to get the most of their time on the Program. Alternative arrangements can be negotiated with the NYSF, however all costs associated with any alternative arrangements must be borne by the student’s family and last minute changes will incur the costs associated with amending travel arrangements.

Please note that the chartered coaches are private buses hired by the NYSF to transport students to Canberra. No member of the public is able to access the buses, which are only used to transport NYSF students, staff and NYSF volunteers.

Chartered coaches bring students from:

  • Melbourne (Southern Cross Train Station)
  • Sydney (Central Train Station)
  • Brisbane (Roma Street Train Station) – travelling via Armidale and Dubbo
  • And intermediate towns and cities on the routes directly to Canberra

Students from Adelaide, country South Australia and country Victoria travel to Melbourne by public train or coach service, are billeted overnight in Melbourne with students also attending the NYSF, and continue to Canberra by chartered coach.

Students from cities between Rockhampton and Brisbane travel to Brisbane by public train and continue to Canberra by chartered coach.

Students from north Queensland and Darwin fly to Brisbane, are billeted in Brisbane with students also attending the NYSF, and continue to Canberra by chartered coach.

Students from Perth fly to Sydney, are billeted in Sydney overnight with students also attending the NYSF and continue to Canberra by chartered coach. Students from other areas of Western Australia travel to Perth, where they then travel to Sydney as described above.

Students from the north coast of New South Wales from Grafton to Newcastle travel to Sydney (Central Train Station) by public train and continue to Canberra by chartered coach.

Students from Tasmania fly or travel by boat to Melbourne and continue to Canberra by chartered coach.

Travel to the NYSF has been arranged so that parents/guardians are able to either place their children/wards directly onto the NYSF chartered coaches or to see their children/wards off at their nearest major airport or railway station. If a student comes from a location that is not serviced by a major airline or is off the coach route, more transit changes may be required.