About this Website

The NYSF website is a multi-function facility. It allows public access for interested students, parents, and sponsors. There are also special sections for participating students, staff members, and Rotary access.

We have tested this website with recent versions of Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Although it is most likely to work in other common web browsers, we do not have the facilities to be able to support them.

For web compliance, all pages are written in HTML5 specifications from W3C.

We are careful to try to write webpages that can be viewed across a wide variety of web browsers. One way we do this is to only use the W3C standards for web documents. We then test our webpages on a number of common web browsers. We like to recommend Firefox, a modern, fast, secure web browser. Our browser of choice for development and for use in the office is Safari.

The National Library of Australia's PANDORA Archive has annual historical snap-shots of the NYSF website at nla.gov.au/nla.arc-99195.